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Hero Section

Criw Cymraeg

Gwasanaeth Criw Cymraeg 

We have been working hard on our service, and this week we lead the service for the first time! We were nervous but we did a great job! Da iawn Criw Cymraeg!


Tymor yr haf / Summer Term

This term our aims are:

- to launch a gwasanaeth Criw Cymraeg (service)

- to practise our service, and begin leading the services each Friday.

-to collect final evidence for the Cymraeg Campus Bronze Award.

Dydd Gwyl Dewi / St David’s Day

The Criw Cymraeg had a great time taking part in the St. David’s Day Parade in Wrexham city centre. We were really lucky to be right at the front of the parade, and as Marnie said “it’s like we are celebrities!” 
The children did us proud, and really enjoyed the day. After the parade, we joined the other schools and organisations for a sing along in Queens Square.



Wats Dyke Eisteddfod 2024

We are so proud of the Criw Cymraeg. They have been practising hard and did a fantastic job in leading our school Eisteddfod today. There were some wonderful performances, brilliant creative entries and a lot of fun throughout the day. You can see a few of the entries here. Please check your class Seesaw page for winners and some more photographs! 


Dydd Miwsig Cymru

The Criw Cymraeg have worked so hard today! They organised and lead a disco for each department to celebrate Dydd Miwsig Cymru! The children had a fantastic time! Da iawn Criw Cymraeg! 


Tymor y gwanwyn / Spring term.

This term Criw Cymraeg will be busy! Our aims this term are:

- to plan activities for Dydd Miwsig Cymru

-to plan and lead the school Eisteddfod 

​​​​​​-to celebrate St.David’s Day and attend the parade. 

-to encourage children and staff to speak Welsh. We will be doing some monitoring by walking around school to see how much Welsh we hear.

Sypreis Siôn Corn



We wanted to spread some Christmas cheer and encourage the children to read and share Welsh stories in their classrooms. The Criw Cymraeg have decided to give a 'Sypreis Siôn Corn' (Santa Surprise) to each class during the month of December. The Criw Cymraeg will be sorting through the Welsh books and choosing one for each class. They then will be wrapping them up and delivering them to the classes throughout December! We can't wait to hear lots of Welsh stories being shared in each classroom!

Nadolig Llawen!

Criw Cymraeg


Our Criw Cymraeg is made up of children in P2 and P3. They were nominated by their teachers to represent their classes and support the use of the Welsh language throughout the school. We are very lucky that the Criw Cymraeg are very enthusiastic about the Welsh language and take their roles very seriously. 

This year our Criw Cymraeg members are: Yaseen, Grace, Elin, Ffion, Marnie, Thomas, Jonathan and Finnley.

Our Criw Cymraeg are working hard to achieve the Cymraeg Campus Bronze Award.

Wat's Dyke C.P. School

Garden Village, Wrexham, LL11 2TE