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Welcome to year 5 2017-18

Croeso i flwyddyn 5 2017-18   

National Tests are coming up soon. No need to panic at all. Tests only show what the children know and what they need to find out. Tests never predict their future.

With the correct guidance, attitude and effort, all children can learn, grow their brains and get smarter. It is all about personal, persistent progress. Not being the best in the class but doing their best and being the best they can be.

Be prepared and there’s nothing to worry about.

Here are the links to some Past Papers…


I couldn’t find any Y4+5 Past Papers but they are similar to Y6 Reading papers EC4Y672016 EC3Y672015 EC2Y672014

Reasoning (er) and Procedural (ep) 5er14 5er15 5ep13 5ep14 5ep15 6er14 6er15 6ep13 6ep14 6ep15 EC1Y672013 5er16 6ep16

posted by Mr J Jones on behalf of Mr A Jones.


Croeso mawr i dudalen dosbarth Cennin Pedr – Dosbarth Mr Jones.  A huge welcome to the year 5 class page with Mr Jones.


2018 already!

Croeso mawr yn ol i dymor y gwanwyn – a big welcome back to Spring term.  We will be continuing our learning about World War 2 this term, and will be transferring the responsibility for planning and learning about this topic increasingly onto the children.  This is new territory for us, so it may go wrong, but we’re certainly up for the challenge and can’t wait to get started!  Exciting things will come – watch this space!


Our other foci this term are the further development of literacy and numeracy across all areas of learning, and after some great training from inspirational trainers, we’re itching to get going with our new ideas in Maths, English and ICT.  The digital leaders are certainly going to be busy!!


Our PE days remain as indoor PE on Tuesdays, and Outdoor PE on Fridays.  Should this need to change (due to swimming etc.) I will inform parents via seesaw.



Well, here we are after a lovely Summer break, and I’m pleased to report that everyone has settled in to the class really well.  It’s great to see everyone looking so smart in their shirts and ties!

Our PE days this term are Tuesdays and Fridays, and pupils are required to have outdoor kit on both days (trainers, black shorts and white T-shirt).   We will be visiting the Wrexham Tennis Centre for lessons on Fridays this term – please keep an eye out for more details coming home this week!

I am so impressed with the learning attitude that the children have displayed over the first week – everyone’s been so keen to show me what they can do, and I have been impressed with their learning strategies so far.  As we progress into our second week of term, we will begin planning our topic for this term, which will be based around World War 2.  In an exciting new development for this year, our topic learning will be driven by pupils’ questions (their ideas, not mine) so it will be fascinating to see which direction our learning takes – I can’t wait!


All children should have received their readtheory and seesaw login links for this year – if you’re having trouble, ask your child to let me know!

We will update soon with more information – keep checking back!


(Below the line is from last year – for reference purposes!)


Pentrellyncymer 2017:  There will be a meeting for parents of pupils going to Pentrellyncymer on Thursday evening (June 29th) straight after school in the year 5 classroom, with Mr Jones.  Don’t worry if you can’t attend – we will share all the relevant details on this page and through seesaw!


Good grief!  Are we nearly at the end of the year already?  You should have received your child’s annual report by now, and should know who their teacher is going to be for next year, but as I have explained to the class today, that’s not the end for us!  We still have a couple of weeks of hard work ahead of us, and we are working incredibly hard at the moment to begin our journey towards end of key stage levels!  All pupils know that the work we do in the coming couple of weeks are going to count towards our final levels from primary school, and there’s so much to do!


We decided it would be good if we continued our use of seesaw through to the end of the year, but just in case there’s any issues getting on it, we will still be sharing our learning videos on this page! Here’s a couple to keep going on with!  Again, thanks to Gareth Metcalfe for sharing these!



A big welcome back to everyone after a wonderful Easter break for us all.  It was great to see that everyone came back ready and raring for their learning! On our first day back we videoed a lesson which was shared with staff – the feedback was that our class is clearly now in charge of their learning, and that it was amazing to see the levels of independence on display in our room!  Great news!

We are now in that time of the year when we complete the National tests in Reading and Maths.  The timetable for these tests has been shared with pupils – though please don’t worry about them too much.  They help us to identify next steps in your child’s learning, but I am aware that pupils can worry about them.  If you think your child is worrying, please ask them to speak to me, and I’ll do my best to put their mind at rest.



Your child should have brought home a letter and form for our Pentrellyncymer trip later this term – it’s a fantastic experience and one I value highly.  Just to reiterate – only the proforma and medical details form need be back in school by May 8th.



It was great to welcome all the pupils back after a well deserved half term break, and we were straight back to it with our recitation competition.  I was impressed with the effort pupils had put in to learning the poem, it certainly wasn’t an easy one this year!

Eisteddfod choir song:  If you’re thinking of getting in some extra practice before the big day, try clicking on the link below – then look for where it says ‘interactive screen’, and click open.



Here’s the latest video shared out via seesaw, thanks again to Gareth Metcalfe, who created the video for pupils in his school:

Eisteddfod poem.


Pupils have been given ‘flipped learning’ books today that they should bring home and back to school on a daily basis.  In it, they should make notes about what they’ve learned from the videos we’ve shared via seesaw.  (You should have received letters last week with a link to seesaw…)


I know a couple of pupils have had difficulty accessing seesaw, so here is the link and video most recently posted.  Pupils can watch these as many times as they like, have a go at some of the challenges in them (especially the maths one) in order to better prepare them for their learning in the coming week.

PUPILS: don’t worry if you don’t ‘get it’ all just yet.  View the videos a couple of times, see what you can learn!


Many thanks to Gareth Metcalfe for making this video – it details how multiplication is taught in his school.  We follow the same steps in dosbarth Cennin Pedr!


As we’re developing the skills to write balanced arguments, it’s a good idea to watch the video at the following link:


We’ve also been learning more about Growth Mindset… we’ve been looking at praise in particular… pupils were discussing whether telling someone they’re ‘clever’ is a good thing… we concluded that it wasn’t!  Ask your children about it… what should be say instead?


CLASS SERVICE (Collective Worship, January 30th 2017).

Can we please say a big THANK YOU to all who attended our class assembly this week – it was great to see so many people there! I was so proud of the children, particularly the resilience they all demonstrated in preparing for and delivering their parts for the assembly.  It was clear from their commitment that our growth mindset messages are really beginning to take hold!


Croeso mawr yn ol i flwyddyn 2017!  A huge welcome back to 2017!

A new year, a fresh start, and  renewed focus on what it takes to be an effective learner are at the core of our learning this term, reinforcing and further developing the growth mindset messages we’ve been learning throughout the Autumn term.  Now, as we enter spring, we’ll be looking for pupils to apply their new learning skills to increasingly challenging situations – we’re just getting started!


Over the next couple of weeks, we’re finishing off the Victorians, then we’re itching to get into our new topic – Around the World.  It will be a geographical based topic, with a particular focus on climate, man-made and physical features.  The start point (and link with our previous work) is ‘Around the World in 80 days’ – has the world really shrunk, or has something else changed?


In our maths, we’re looking at decimals in the coming week, then we’re moving on percentages, then on to develop a greater sense of multiplication – any time you could spend supporting your child to learn their times tables would be greatly appreciated.


In the meantime, here’s a cracking video linking percentages with ratio and fractions.  Watching and discussing this video will really help your child to prepare for their learning in maths this week!


In science, we’re looking at Air resistance in the coming two weeks, with a focus on autogyros.  Hmmm, I can feel a science investigation coming on!


…and that really is just the start!  Keep an eye on the page, I will be sharing regular updates throughout the term, and keep an eye out for us using seesaw and class dojo.


Below the line is the content from Autumn term 2016. (For reference)


We have been learning about number sense and the key principles of number and maths that we’re going to need if we are to achieve great things!

Take a look at the video below – for today’s lesson.  Why not download the sheet and have a practice at home?




What is number sense?


LANGUAGE NEWS!  We’re turning up the challenge with our language work at the moment – we’re learning about Victorian London.  We’ve also been learning about when to change paragraphs when writing.  Take a look at the video we made to help us remember:



Take a look at the following game for more information about Victorian London:


We’re looking at Decimals in maths this week – check out this video for more! 


After last week’s work on what number lie between 0 and 1, can you work out what numbers lie between 13.8 and 15.3?  (try the .1’s, then have a go at the .01’s e.g. 13.8_13.9_?______ then 13.8_13.81____?)  Let me know how you get on!


(for those of you who are looking for a little more, check out this video on BODMAS)


We’re rolling out our group and guided reading properly this week – keep a look out for your child’s reading book and reading diary coming home on Tuesday!  In addition, it would really benefit all pupils to start using READTHEORY.ORG   This is a brilliant website where pupils complete quizzes designed to improve their reading.  Pupils will bring home a login – try to encourage them to do a quick quiz – once a day is plenty!  The fantastic thing about this website is that it will analyse pupils’ responses and adapt the questions so that they’re always just at the right level to stretch pupils’ thinking – making them better readers! Click the link on the side of this page to get to, (or in the school links at the bottom of the page if you’re viewing this on a mobile device) or just click the name on this page!



This term we will be studying ‘The Victorians’.  This is a fantastic opportunity for pupils to learn about our history, and to discover how this was a pivotal period leading to many of the ways we live our lives today!

Many thanks to all those who attended the meet and greet session – I hope you found it informative and enlightening!

We discussed many of the changes that are taking place, which we feel will benefit your children hugely, enabling them to take even greater charge of their own learning!

The first of our major changes is that as a whole school we are now developing ‘growth mindset’ awareness among both staff and pupils.  It’s an exciting journey that will change the way your children think about their learning and themselves in general.  Please see our pages on growth mindset and our Golden Principles in the ‘in the classroom‘ section on our website.




We will regularly post updates both here and through an exciting new venture for us, seesaw, to share our learning, keep checking back for more!

Click the link below for this term’s information for parents booklet. (pdf)


Parents Booklet year 5 and 6-autumn-term-2016


How can I help my child to improve their learning?


Reading focus homework: as well as practicing times tables, please continue reading with your child at home – ask them to use the questions below to respond in the comments section in their reading diary on a weekly basis. This practice, together with the support and challenge they will receive in school, will help them to develop their reading to reach their potential.

– Did something funny happen in the story?

– Give three examples of how the author used varied sentence beginnings.

– How did the Author plan the opening of the story in order to gain the reader’s interest? (Share ideas)

– Did the author use any unusual or particularly effective words or phrases to draw the reader’s attention?

– Can you liken any of the characters to people you know? Explain your reasons.

– How did the Author use vocabulary that is varied and interesting to describe the characters?

– Who was the main character in the story? What do you know about them?

– Tell us about one event that took place at the end of the story.

– Would you recommend this book to others? Give your reasons why, in as much detail as you can.

– Predict how you think the story will end.

– Which character can you relate to so far and why?

– How does the story relate to your life?

– Choose a problem in the story. How could this problem have been avoided?

– What questions do you have about the story?

Click here for Abacus Maths.








Below the line is previous content from last year (just for reference!)


Summer Term!


Click here for a Hwb playlist on ‘Earth in Space’.


Croeso mawr yn ol i dymor yr Haf yn nosbarth Cennin Pedr! A huge welcome back to the summer term in dosbarth Cennin Pedr!

Please click below for the parent’s information booklet for the Summer term 2016:

INFO FOR PARENTS Year5and6(summer 2016)

Due to the brevity of the previous term, we will be continuing our topic of WW2 for the next couple of weeks, then we’ll be moving on!  The national tests are fast approaching also, and we’re in the midst of preparing your children to take these tests in the first weeks in May.

We had a brilliant time at Pentrellyncymer on our residential trip – please go to the Pentrellyncymer 2016 page for information and pictures from our visit.

We will be starting ‘Earth in Space’ as our new Science topic. The children are very excited by this topic and we will update our page with examples of work as we continue through the term.

In our Maths we will be revisiting:

  • Measurement and conversion.
  • Angles 
  • Data handling.
  • Probability
  • Percentages and fractions.

With the National tests looming, the children will be looking through example papers over the next few weeks to ensure they feel prepared, you may find the following sites useful if you plan to do any additional work at home:


Check back for more information soon – but in the meantime, why not have a look at these links?  Brush up your skills!


Times table challenge 

BBC bitesize place value


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