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Welcome to Wat’s Dyke Eco Committee’s page.

Wat’s Dyke School Eco Code

We are Eco,

That’s what we do.

We help the Earth,

You should too!!

2017 – 2018

This year’s Eco Committee members are:

Dosbarth Gwyddfid: Esme & Max 

Dosbarth Llygad y Dydd: Jack & Poppy 

Dosbarth Grug: Harvey & Megan

Dosbarth Cennin Pedr: Olivia & Liam

Dosbarth Lili Wen Fach: Kinga, Evie & Adam

Dosbarth Briallu: Ffion & Edward 

2016 – 2017

This year’s Eco Committee members are:

Dosbarth Gwyddfid: Sam & Talia 

Dosbarth Llygad y Dydd: Millie & Rhys 

Dosbarth Grug: Abigail & Ellie

Dosbarth Cennin Pedr: Ted & Jake

Dosbarth Lili Wen Fach: Evan & Rhys 

Dosbarth Briallu: Dylan & Charlie 

We’ve been very lucky this year because we’ve had a brand new, bespoke Outdoor Classroom built for us by the Carpentry and Joinery department of Coleg Cambria.

Here are some of us at Coleg Cambria with the team of joinery instructors inspecting the Outdoor Classroom being built.



Here,  Evan and Rhys are thanking the team from Coleg Cambria for all their hard work in building us such a wonderful Outdoor Classroom during the official opening.


Mr Ward, (representing his team from Coleg Cambria) cut the ribbon to officially open our new Outdoor Classroom.


We can’t wait to start using our new classroom. Some classes have already started using it to learn about the outdoors.


We recently carried out an Environmental Review. By clicking on this link you can read a summary of what we found out:

env rev

After carrying out the Environmental Review we were able to decide on points we needed to look into and then we put together an Action Plan. If you click on the link below you can see our Action Plan:

Eco Action Plan 12

Our September Action Plan:

Eco Action Plan 11

2015 – 2016

Our Eco Comittee members this year are:

Cerys Lomas, Grace Griffiths-Edwards, Faris, Ruby Boden, Chole Willams, Alfie Gabriel, Niamh Fisher, Lexie Davies, Libby Smith, Bella Delaney-Davies and Joshua Edwards.

 Hot off the press!!!

We are delighted to announce that our application for the Eco Schools Third Green Flag Award was successful.

The award has been given to the school as the Assessor noted a wealth of information and baseline data collected for the various action points during our highly successful Eco Week. Both literacy and Numeracy were incorporated into the yearly projects and the school has established a portfolio of evidence demonstrating ESDGC in a practical and purposeful way.

We are now planning for the next application in two years time in order to meet the criteria for Platinum status.

Watch this space….??

We are very grateful to Ms Catrin Hughes Education Officer for Keep Wales Tidy and to our dedicated Eco Team.


 Take a look at our three flags on display in our school hall

The Green Team with the school's 3rd Green Flag

Click tab below to view the school ceritificate



Our Eco Committee members for this year are:

Ryan, Aran, Gerry, Charlotte, Abbie, Nicole, Rhian, Seren, Jackson, Lucia, Lara and Lily.

 We have been working hard and have had lots of meetings during the Autumn term to prepare our application for our 3rd Green Flag.

Fingers crossed that we will be successful once again.

These are some of the things the Eco Committee has been working on during the Autumn term:

Wat’s Dyke Eco Code

Key Stage 2 children were set the task of writing a new Eco Code for the school. The Eco Committee members chose Riccardo’s code as the school’s new Eco Code:

We are Eco,

That’s what we do.

We help the Earth,

You should too!

The Action Plan

After the whole school had completed the Environmental Review, the Eco Committee formed an Action Plan of the targets which need to be worked on: 




 To put an Eco Suggestion Box in Foundation Phase

The Eco Committee

  December 2014

To promote eating Healthy Snacks in Key Stage 2. 

The Eco Committee & Key Stage 2 Children

December 2014

To write a new Eco Code for the school.

The Eco Committee & Key Stage 2 Children

 December 2014

 Ensure both sides of paper are used before recycling. 

The Eco Committee & Children and Staff around school

Dec 2014/Jan 2015

To make children more aware of how saving energy helps the planet.

The Eco Committee

December 2014

The members of the Committee prepared an assembly for the whole school before Christmas to promote the targets they are trying to achieve.

This is the powerpoint that was written and presented by Aran. Click on this link below to view the presentation again:

Eco Committee (The Full Version)

We have worked hard all year towards gaining our third Green Flag.

In April we held a ‘Green Week’ in school where every class throughout the school was involved in ‘green’ activities. We all collected lots of information which you can see in our portfolio which is in the school foyer.

During our last few weeks in school during the Summer Term, some members of the Eco Committee have been working hard during their lunchtimes to prepare a powerpoint presentation about our ‘Green Week’ for our Friday Assembly so the whole school could see what everyone had been doing. The children prepared this presentation on their own with no help from an adult!

Catrin from Keep Wales Tidy came in to see the presentation and to discuss what we’d been doing. This was part of our work towards the third Green Flag. We are also going to be speaking to the School Governors about what we’ve been up to and will be showing them our presentation at the end of term. We’ve got our fingers crossed in the hope that we’ve done enough to earn our third Green Flag.

If you would like to see our presentation about our ‘Green Week’ please click on the link below. 

Our Green Week

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