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We can’t wait to get going with today’s activities – everyone slept well and are now tucking into breakfast!  The weather here is beautiful and everyone’s excited about the challenges that lie ahead today!  More to follow later!


What a day! Exhausting but brilliant!  After a hearty breakfast we continued our activities, the groups rotating through Gorge walking, indoor climbing, and mountain biking today.  The groups who gorge walked reported that the water was freezing, as it was in the lake for the canoeing group!  Mountain biking again brought some superb performances forward, and it was awe-inspriring to see some of our pupils grow in confidence very quickly from slightly wobbly beginners to become accomplished riders on and off road in just a couple of hours.  Everyone has worked incredibly well as team players, and have supported each other through the challenges they’ve faced.


This evening brought us to a forest about 15 minutes walk from the centre, where we took part in den-building and bushcraft activities. Some of the shelters were really well constructed, and everyone thoroughly enjoyed toasting marshmallows over a campfire in the woods.  Once back at the centre, we had a brief drink of hot chocolate, and I’m pleased to say that everyone was flat out and fast asleep within 10 minutes of lights out!


For our final day tomorrow we will be completing our rotation of activities, but before then, here’s just some of what we got up to today!



Well what a day that was!  We arrived at Pentrellyncymer and were escorted into the classroom for a chat before we went to our dorms to unpack.  There, our course director, Jim, discussed with us what we want to get from the stay here.  We agreed on three main areas:


To learn things about things (facts, knowing what new activities are etc.)

To learn things about ourselves (things we didn’t know we could do – trying new experiences)

To learn things about others (things that other people can do that might surprise us, or to get to know other people in our yeargroup a little better).


After a sunny lunch outside we split into activity groups and began our carousel of activities for the three days.  All groups will be undertaking the following activities: canoeing on Llyn Brenig, a wet and wild river walk in a gorge, mountainbiking, indoor climbing, and bushcraft (den building).   Due to expected strengthening winds tomorrow two of our three groups went to Llyn Brenig today to canoe.  We found that teamwork and communication were the keys to this activity!  Our other group went on the wet and wild river walk.  Today’s weather was superb, and everyone has done really well, and all ate well at tea!


This evening we went for a beautiful walk around the area beneath Llyn Brenig, and we raced up the side of the dam!  We took turns being leaders and route finders, and really enjoyed the amazing scenery and calm!


After a biscuit and drink for supper, everyone has settled down really well, and all are asleep.  We’ll update again in the morning, but for now, here are some pictures of some of today’s fun!

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