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Welcome to the 2017 Nant BH blog page!  We’ll keep you informed of how we’re getting on as the trip progresses here.

Day 2: Wet, Dry, Wild, Dramatic!

What a day!  The weather was still quite wild as all children woke from a good night’s sleep – all slept well and woke ready for the adventures ahead, and more importantly… breakfast!  All have been eating well, and have thrown themselves into everything with the great steam spirit we know they have!

As the weather was still very windy, we were not able to go canoeing (it’s just too dangerous in the wind) but we substituted in a brilliant wild walk in the mountains instead!  One group went gorge walking where they encountered the pinball slide, a tunnel and waterfall, coupled with a ‘sporting’ amount of water!  The second group went for a wild walk in the mountains, and found out lots of interesting things about the area and its wildlife, whilst the third group explored their own personal limits on a mid-ropes course.  All in all a very tiring but fantastic day’s experiences.

The evening consisted of a review activity, where pupils completed a ‘treasure hunt’, requiring them to find questions hidden within the centre grounds, then to discuss as a group the best possible answer to the question – bonus points were awarded for  great oracy.  After that, all had the opportunity to visit the gift shop and relax in the games room.  Tired, but fulfilled, all were asleep almost as soon as their heads hit the pillows!

Check out Day 2’s photos below:

Day 1:  Wet, windy, and wild fun!

We arrived safe and sound, all ready for the adventures to come!  After we’d settled in to our dorms, we were taken over to the stores and given waterproofs and a fleece, which we will certainly need today and tomorrow!

We had a fantastic cooked lunch provided (and we were able to eat anything we’d brought with us), and were now ready for anything!

Our three activity groups have been split off to do different activities due to the poor weather that has accompanied us here, and we’ve had to change activities to suit the weather!  Two groups had a go at gorge scrambling, in the Klondike gorge at Llyn Geirionnydd.  Please see our slideshow below for a hint of just how much fun it was, despite the weather.

Our third group went climbing indoors, and completed several traversing challenges before tackling the more technical challenges of climbing around and over the overhang!

After a brilliant pasta bolognese meal for tea (which most pupils had seconds of) we went for a lovely walk around the surrounding Gwydr forest, enjoying the rain and getting thoroughly soaked in the many puddles we encountered!

Let’s see what tomorrow brings!

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