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During this term, year 5 have begun working with staff from Glyndwr University Community Football unit.  We are excited to be developing our literacy skills through a range of activities linked to the theme of football.  Half of our year 5 are currently undertaking the project, with the other half due to participate in the second round of sessions later in the term!


So far, we’ve ben incredibly busy learning how to write entertaining match reports (where we really developed our writing skills), we’ve visited the Wrexham Racecourse Stadium for a guided tour, where we caught up with former pupil and current Wrexham FC player Ross White (where we had the chance to interview him), and we’ve been viewing some of Wrexham FC’s greatest games in the FA cup before answering a quiz about them (where we really had to develop our listening skills) !


Now, before our final week, we need to spend a little bit of time researching and preparing a presentation on a choice from the following four options:

  • A match report
  • A Tour of the Racecourse
  • Ross White Factfile
  • A different Wrexham Player (current or past) factfile.

Pupils can use Powerpoint or other ICT to aid in their presentations if they wish, but must remember that we’re more interested in what they say during their presentation and how they say it rather than what they can do with ICT! To help a little in this project (which must be completed by Monday May 9th for presentation on Tuesday May 10th), I have included a zipfile of photos from our tour of the Racecourse ground.


This can be downloaded from here :Wrexham Racecourse visit


During our Racecourse visit we were very fortunate to be able to interview former pupil and current Wrexham player Ross White.  Pupils may need to view these videos in order to complete their presentations in week 5:




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