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At Wat’s Dyke CP School, we believe strongly in developing young people’s abilities to use modern technologies independently and safely for both learning and fun.  Keeping safe with technology is a key area of pupils’ learning, and personal safeguarding (including e-safety) forms an important part of our school culture.

Each year pupils in all year groups are given pointers and tips for using the internet safely in school, we participate in safer internet day each year, staff are regularly updated with the latest resources for teaching e-safety and we also benefit from our Police Liaison Officer visiting school and giving regular e-safety updates.  As part of the wider curriculum, we do discuss the use of social networks with the older children, as although they cannot access these websites in school, we acknowledge that they may well come across them at home.  Learning to use social networks responsibly will be increasingly important in the years to come.

We use different resources from ‘Think u Know’ at different age ranges, which are backed by CEOP (the Child Exploitation and Online Protection agency) which is linked to the Police force, and is the leading source of e-safety advice for all parents and organsiations working with children.


If you’re looking for some resources that you can use with your children at home, why not have a look at the resources we use in school?


Foundation Age Children (years 1&2) Think u know 5-7

Key Stage 2 Children (years 3-6) Think u know 8-10



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