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Welcome to the class page of Dosbarth Briallu.  

The children will spend the first few weeks getting to know the timetable and classroom environment. They will all take some baseline tests to see where they currently are and (more importantly) the next steps required in their learning. 

The children will be greatly encouraged to work towards having a growth mind-set during the year and to become independent learners. They all know that in order to succeed at anything that they will need to practise.

I have included some websites at the end of the page that will give them confidence in any area they feel they need to practise further. I again ask that you encourage the children to log onto readtheory at least twice during the week and to look at the other applications I have indicated to help them further understand the work in the classroom. Homework will take the form of flipped learning videos and bug club reading tasks. Image result for ELECTRICITY

Our new science topic this term is ‘Electricity‘.

We will be looking at how electricity is created, how it is transferred to our homes and getting some hands on experience in regards to creating our own circuits ! We will also look at some of the influential people involved.

 In English the children will begin the year by studying the book ‘Carries War’ and responding to the text in different ways. The topic of WWII is also likely to inspire their creativity and as such we will be looking at newspaper reports and creating our own versions of iconic front pages from that era.Image result for carries war

In our topic, the children will be taking a very pro-active approach to WWII by working collaboratively within the year groups to provide ‘the big question’. This will be used as the basis for all future work. In addition the children will have a session during the week dedicated to their own research on a question that provides them with a personal interest.

With our maths work the children will have completed the initial tests shortly and we can then see where we need to start. Whilst traditionally we would look at place value at the start of the year it may be that some children are already fully conversant in this area and as such the work will be tailored accordingly.


The children have time slots allotted for Tuesday afternoon (outside) and Thursday morning swimming.  Please remember to bring t-shirts and shorts for the life-saving aspect of the course.

Finally, as discussed with most of you during your child’s education to date, encouraging children to read for pleasure is an important part of our job -both as educators and parents. Since I am fully aware that some children are more interested in reading than others we need to find new ways of engaging the interest of the child. In order to ensure that the children are looking at the deeper meaning of texts they are encouraged to log onto twice a week at least to answer questions on a short text. As a team, we noticed a big improvement in the reading attainment of reluctant readers (unfortunately boys of 9-12 are those most likely to stop reading). Children have been encouraged to make sure they sign in and continue their efforts-please could I ask that you do the same.

As the term continues further information and photographs will be added to this page so you can share our classes journey.

As always, please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any need.


Kind Regards

Mrs Jackson.

/ (test practise)

Maths specific
(there are some accompanying apps that may be worth looking at attached to the above site).
NB:Having undertaken some training recently I have had the following apps bought to my attention , I am always looking for apps for my own children that have an educational aspect along with the fun side!






We appreciate that it can be challenging to help your child keep track of when they’re reading and completing other homework tasks, hopefully this guide will help.  We encourage children to take as much responsibility and ownership of organising themselves as they can.

Reading homework: 

Spelling and Online Maths games:

We give pupils an online game for them to play (please click on the link below) on a fortnightly basis.  These will  be set on a Monday, and completed over a two week period.

Pupils should attempt the online game independently at home, we will be able to track their progress from school. This will provide an opportunity for pupils to practice their numeracy skills more regularly.


Completing homework is viewed as an important extension to the School Curriculum.  Pupils are expected to submit tasks on time, so that they don’t fall behind.


Read below for Historical information





Autumn Term

Class News:


Fast approaching is our bi-annual enterprise week, during this week the children put forward business ideas to create a product to sell.

After much class discussion the winning product was agreed to be greeting cards, since everyone needs at least 4 or 5 cards a year and the unique selling point would be that each card was handmade by the children of Lil Wen Fach. The year 6 children have researched designs and every child will produce at least one product. We will be putting our case forward for a ‘business loan’ next week  but with the trip to Nant B.H. looming the children decided to make  a start on the cards before the half term.

Each card will be £1.25 and the profit will be split between a charity of the children’s choice and game resources for wet play and golden time. The children have become very business minded and have proposed to accept pre-orders! If you are interested in ordering a card please send the money with your child when we return from our break and they will select a card to bring home.

NB:I have also arranged for local business owner (Lin Stokes from ‘Crafty Sues’ in Mold) to visit the children on our return to discuss their plans view the products and to provide a demonstration of some quick and easy card making techniques).

Here are just a few of the children’s designs…






As the summer sun approaches, Lili Wen Fach will be rounding off the topic of WWII by studying the life of Anne Frank. We will look at the features of biographical writing in our English lessons  and use these in our own biographical work.

Please click below for the parent’s information booklet for the Summer term 2016:

INFO FOR PARENTS Year5and6(summer 2016)

We will be starting ‘Earth in Space’ as our new Science topic. The children are very excited by this topic and we will update our page with examples of work as we continue through the term.

In our Maths we will be revisiting:

  • Measurement and conversion.
  • Angles 
  • Data handling.
  • Probability
  • Percentages and fractions.

With the National tests looming, the children will be looking through example papers over the next few weeks to ensure they feel prepared, you may find the following sites useful if you plan to do any additional work at home:

Finally, I am sure you will join me in congratulating Mr.’s Gibson on the arrival her new baby boy, I am sure she will enjoy her well-earned break. Mrs. Gibson spent some time making sure that I had a comprehensive update on each child in the class and the children have settled in well during our first week together.

We will share news and class updates on this page as the term progresses.

Mr.’s Jackson.







Spring Term

We have a jam packed term from Eisteddfod and St Davids day to preparing for Pentrellyn/Nant BH next term.


Topic – Our topic this term is World War 2. The Children have already got  into the topic in the first week. They were keen to learn about how it started and look forward to finding out more.


English – This term we are focusing our studies on the novel ‘Carrie’s War’. We will look at figurative language, character studies, descriptive writing leading onto looking at Anne Frank and biography writing.


Science – We are going to have a great time this term looking at electricity and circuits. Hopefully we will have no electric shocks!!


Info for Parents KS2 Spring Term 2016



Autumn Term

Topic – ~Last terms Topic was the Rugby World Cup. We were very excited about this topic and thoroughly enjoyed it. We looked at the different teams, where the countries are, the game and how its played, statistics and much much more.  

English – Our focus in English last term was Non Fiction Writing. We focused on debating, which linked nicely to our topic when looking at why the games were held where they were and the impact they had on the country.

Group & Guided Reading sessions will be happening on a daily basis, and reading diaries will need to be in every Monday. Please make sure that you and your parents are filling in the boxes in your reading records.

Science – Last term we looked at the Human body – making comparisons between body parts i.e. foot size and forearm. We looked at the effect the exercise has on our bodies and in particular on our heart rate.

Please click on the link below for the Year 5/6 information booklet for this term.

Info for Parents Upper KS2 Autumn Term 2015

Here are some pictures of what we have been up to so far!!


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