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 Croeso i Ddosbarth Llygad y Dydd

Autumn Term 2017

Welcome to another exciting year here at Wat’s Dyke.  The children have already been busy learning about how to be a super hero in all their learning; through being ambitious, brave, creative and caring.

Let’s Celebrate

This year the children will be leading the way in their topic ‘Let’s Celebrate’.  They will be sharing their ideas about what they want to find out and how they will do it.  They will learn all about the skills they need to develop and will take charge in their learning, developing these skills.


This term in Maths the children will be focusing on Place value, Addition and Subtraction, Multiplication and Division, Money and Fractions.  Keep an eye on your Seesaw page for Flipped Learning videos to help you back in the classroom. 


Children will be learning how to write non-chronological reports and newspaper reports.  They will be able to use these skills in their topic work.

Summer Term 2017

We have a very exciting summer term planned.  On Monday 15th May we are celebrating World Book Day.  The children have the opportunity to come to school dressed as their favourite character, meet a famous author and enjoy many story based activities.

Week beginning 22nd May we have our International Week and also Sports day on Thursday 25th May (fingers crossed for good weather!)

After half term we have Wrexham Music Service coming to school. The children will have the opportunity to listen to a 10 piece orchestra and work with a member of the orchestra to compose their own music using percussion instruments.

Linking with our Science, Chester Zoo will be coming to school on Tuesday 13th June to to teach the children all about ‘Rubbish’ as we are focusing on Pollution and Recycling.

The children are all very excited as we have arranged a trip to Snowdonia National Park where they will have the opportunity to explore the slate mines and have a go at using tools to split slate themselves.  This links directly with our Topic work all about Wales.

Common Transfer day will be held on Thursday 29th June.  This is when the children will meet their teacher for next year.

Our class assembly will be on Monday 3rd July.


The children will be learning about how to input data and create a formula in Excel.  Linking in with their English story writing and Topic work the children will be creating a short stop frame animation using the dragons they made last term.

Spring Term 2017

This term the children will be continuing to develop their Growth Mindsets as they face new challenges and develop the ability to work with different talking partners each week.  In Maths the children will have the opportunity to select their level of challenge and learn new ways to tackle problems.

We hope you enjoyed our class assembly, finding out what we have been learning about.

We hope you enjoyed our class assembly, finding out what we have been learning about.

We had great fun on St David's Day. We developed our D&T skills designing and making a dragon with moving parts. We will use these for our story writing.

We had great fun on St David’s Day. We developed our D&T skills designing and making a dragon with moving parts. We will use these for our story writing.


Topic this term 

This term our topic is all about Journeys with the focus on Wales.  Children will be exploring what exciting activities and places to visit are available in Wales and will be learning to sketch a map of Wales, locating the towns where these activities are based.  The children will be linking in their Maths learning on Money and Time through planning a trip to a chosen location.  In English the children will learning all about creating a persuasive leaflet which will link with their topic work.


In Science the children will be learning about Forces.  The children will be developing their skills in planning and carrying out investigations whilst learning out different forces, measuring forces, friction and air resistance.  The children will be developing their Numeracy skills through representing data in tables and charts and writing short explanations of their findings.

P.E. Days

Outdoor P.E. will be held on Tuesday’s and indoor P.E will be on a Thursday.  This term we will be focusing on multi-skills which can be applied across a range of sports.  We will be learning different Welsh Folk dances and creating our own.  Swimming for Dosbarth Llygad Y Dydd will commence in April.

Also this term

We have St David’s Day and our Eisteddfod to look forward to, and don’t forget Pandemonium in March!!.  We have had our Valentine’s Disco and also the annual trip to see the panto in Theatre Clywd. It was great fun!


It is important children continue to read every day and to read a breadth of texts.  Children should be given the opportunity to talk about what they are reading to show understanding and also given the opportunity to share their opinions.  Children are also able to access Readtheory to practise their comprehension skills.

Maths – Children will be allocated games related to what is being taught in school or as an introduction to the learning.  Also look out for weekly activities on Seesaw.  This term the children will be learning about Time.  Please begin this learning at home, learning analogue times past and to, progressing to digital and 24 hour digital times,

Children will be bringing home lists of the High Frequency Words in which they are expected to be able to spell by end of Year 3 according to the English curriculum.  Please encourage your child to learn the spellings they need.  This is not a timed homework but is an independent activity.  Children will be encouraged to learn these words in school and words with a specific spelling pattern.  Please make this a fun task through games, for example hangman, creating silly sentences etc.


Autumn Term 2016


Welcome to our class.  The children have settled in well and are already working hard.  Below is some of the things we will be doing this term

Topic this term

This term our topic is called ‘Invasion’. The children will be developing their skills through learning about the Romans.  We will be making our own shields, exploring where the Romans came from and learning about who they invaded.  We will also be developing our Numeracy skills through solving Roman Numeral problems.

We are very excited about our Roman workshop on the 27th September and our school visit to Roman Chester on October 10th.


We will be learning all about electricity this half term, exploring circuits, safety and how it travels.  After half term we will be focusing on Light, linking in with our topic of how the Romans could tell the time.

P.E. Days

Our Outdoor PE sessions are held on Tuesday’s and we will be developing Invasion games.  Our indoor session is on a Thursday and we will be learning all about Roman Dance.

After half term we will be going to the tennis center to develop our tennis skills.


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We appreciate that it can be challenging to help your child keep track of when they’re reading, submitting spelling home work and completing other homework tasks, hopefully this guide will help.  We encourage children to take as much responsibility and ownership of organising themselves as they can.

Reading homework will be set an a weekly basis: Mini Minors on a Tuesday,  The Watch Watchers on a Wednesday, The Golden Readers on a Thursday and Micro Leaders on a Friday.

Please make sure completed reading diaries and reading books are returned to school on the day your child reads.

Spelling and online Maths game

We give pupils spellings to learn (spelling folder) and set an online Maths game, using Abacus, for them to play (please click on the link below) on a fortnightly basis.  These will both be set alternately on a Monday, and completed over a two week period.

Spellings are paper based, and should be submitted to the appropriate basic skills teacher.

Pupils should attempt the online Maths game independently at home, we will be able to track their progress from school. This will provide an opportunity for pupils to practice their numeracy skills more regularly.


Completing homework is viewed as an important extension to the School Curriculum.  Pupils are expected to submit tasks on time, so that they don’t fall behind.


Welcome back to our Spring Term.  I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and are ready to work hard this new year.

INFO FOR PARENTS Year 3 and 4 spr 2016

Topic this term

Our topic is all about Chocolate.  We will be learning about the journey from bean to bar.  We are very excited about chocolate tasting and design and creating our own chocolate bar.

We will be linking our English through Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by developing our skills in letter writing.


Our Science work will be linked to Chocolate as we explore solids and liquids and also reversible and irreversible changes.

P.E Days

Our P.E. days will be Tuesday for outdoor P.E. Our focus will be Orienteering (remember your trainers) and  Thursdays will be gymnastics as we explore travel, balance and jumping.  We may even create a new dance for the Oompa-Loompas in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Our class assembly will be held on Monday 14th March.  We look forward to seeing you all there. 

Also coming up…

We have St David’s Day celebrations, our school Eisteddfod, Valentines Disco, Pandemonium visit, Cinderella panto and Sports Relief.  We will be very busy working hard and having fun.

Please remember to carry on learning your Times Tables and number bonds, working towards you targets.


Autumn Term

Topic this term

During the Autumn we will be developing our Literacy and Numeracy skills through learning all about the Tudors.  We will be going on a trip to Chirk Castle to experience what life was like in Tudor times, carrying out research and comparing our lives now to Tudor life.


This term we will be focusing on Sound.  The children will be learning how sound is made and how it travels.  We will also be focusing on noise pollution

P.E Days

Our P.E. days will be Tuesday for outdoor P.E. Our focus will be Basket Ball  (remember your trainers and tracksuit bottoms) and on Thursdays we will be learning about Tudor dance during our indoor P.E. sessions.

Our class assembly will be held on Monday 16th November.  We look forward to seeing you all there.     

Things you can do at home

Learning to tell the time is a vital skill – Please encourage your children to practise at home.

Please help your child learn their times tables. Here are a few suggestions of how you can do this:

*Chanting them as they march upstairs to bed

 *Quick fire questions on a journey in the car or walking to and from school

 *Putting the times tables into a word problem, for example, a bag contains 5 apples.  How many apples will you have if you buy 2 bags?

 *There are also many times table games on the internet. Take a look at Topmarks Maths Times Tables.

Reading is very important, please encourage your child to read every day.


Please click on the link below for our Year 3 and 4 information booklet.

INFO FOR PARENTS Year 3 and 4 aut 2015

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