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Week 8 Learning - March 1st

Home Learning Plan - Spring Week 8 WB: 1/3/21


Welsh Language​

Take another look at the welsh Helpwr Heddiw PowerPoint to practise the 'Bwyd' (food) words. Can you ask for certain foods using 'Wyt ti eisiau.....?' And the response 'Ydw, dw i eisiau …' (Yes, I want...) OR 'Nag ydw, dw i ddim yn eisiau...' (No, I don't want...).​ ​

Can you create a shopping list using some of the bwyd words from the PowerPoint?​ 



Click on the link to download the handwriting paper. ​

Practise Monday: Curly Caterpillar Letters s, o, a, c, e, Tuesday: Curly Caterpillar Letters d, g, f, q Wednesday: One Armed Robot Letters b, h, k, m, n, p, r Thursday: Long Ladder Letters l, i, t, u, j Friday: Zigzag Letters z, v, w, x You may want to view the videos to help you: ​

Additional Spelling Booklets and phonics – If you want more practise!​

Please see 'Spelling Practise' and 'Phonics Games / Activities' section 

Times Table Practice

Daily Practice


Story time

Click on the link to listen to the latest non fiction books ​

Amazing Virtual Library with Jaqueline Wilson



Join the class:

Water Cycle - 16938780

Clouds - 16840476


Monday 1st March St David's Day

Language, Literacy and Communication ​

Learn all about Saint David by clicking on the link below to read the Saint David's Day PowerPoint:​ ​

Complete the comprehension activity (please note there are four levels of challenge to choose from!)​ ​ 


Mathematical Development 

Listen to the Supermovers Measuring song:​ ​

Can you use your measuring skills to complete the activities on the sheets? Choose your own level of challenge!​ ​

This powerpoint reminds you how to use a ruler accurately:​ 


Health and Well-being ​ ​

Follow the instructions really carefully to make your own daffodil. ​

You may like to make a 3D one too!​ 


Tuesday 2nd March 

Language, Literacy and Communication ​

Language, Literacy and Communication ​

It's great to be Welsh! Watch the PowerPoint which shares some of the reasons for why we can be proud to live in Wales.​ ​

Can you thnk about some of the reasons you feel proud to live in Wales?

Share them with us! 

Remember to start each sentence with a capital letter, end it with a full stop and think carefully about  your sounding out.


Mathematical Development 

Listen to the Supermovers Measuring song:​ ​

Can you complete the measuring challenges on the cards? Click on the link below!​ ​

This powerpoint reminds you how to use a ruler accurately:​ 


Humanities – RE

Listen and enjoy the story of Mary Jones who was a Welsh girl (only 15 years old!)

who 'went the extra mile' to buy a copy of the Welsh bible. ​ 



Language, Literacy and Communication ​

Here is a video to remind you about adjectives:​ ​

Now, complete the worksheet! Choose your own level of challenge!​ 


Mathematical Development ​

Listen to the Supermovers Measuring song:​ ​

Choose a measuring activity to complete:​ ​ 


Expressive Arts

Watch the video to demonstate how to draw a welsh flag. ​ ​

Can you improve your work by having another try?


THURSDAY 4th March

Language, Literacy and Communication ​

This week, we are going to be creating 'Shape Poems' based on the theme of Wales. In preparation for this, can you create a word bank of adjectives (describing words) to describe one or two of the following?​

Daffodil,  dragon, mountain, leek etc.​

Here is a video to remind you about adjectives:​ 


Mathematical Development ​

Listen to the Supermovers Measuring song:​ ​​

Estimate and measure length. Choose a challenge!​ 


Health & Wellbeing

Choose one of the Welsh dances to watch and learn! ​

 If you are not in school, choose one of the PDFs from the link below.​ 


FRIDAY 5th March

Language, Literacy and Communication ​

Click on the link to see some examples of shape poems:​

Create your own shape poem, based on the adjectives that you thought of yesterday.

You may like to use a template by clicking on the link below,  or create your own outline.​ 


Mathematical Development ​

Listen to the Supermovers Measuring song:​ ​

Go into the outdoors, find large items / areas to measure.

Can you use a metre stick accurately? 

Can you measure the items using your feet? Handspans? Record in your own way. 


Health and Well-being ​

The daffodil is the national flower of Wales. Can you draw a daffodil and label its parts? ​

Click on the link to learn more:​ ​

Follow the link to see some examples ​