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Dosbarth Grug - Year 3/4 - Heather

Home Learning WB 15th June - Minions Week

20th April 2020 Follow the link below for your weekly Science Lesson on Light and Dark from Mr J Jones


Also follow this link for extra Science, cool videos and amazing information.


Essential Home Lessons by I See Maths

Science with Mr J Jones

Journey of Sound to the Brain

How sounds make their way from the source to your brain.

Seeing Sound - CYMATICS science vs. music- Nigel Stanford

LCHAPMUSIC #experiments instagram -

The science of hearing - Douglas L. Oliver

View full lesson:

The ability to recognize sounds and identify their location is possible thanks to the auditory system. That’s comprised of two main parts: the ear, and the brain. The ear’s task is to convert sound energy into neural signals; the brain’s is to receive and process the information those signals contain. To understand how that works, Douglas L. Oliver follows a sound on its journey into the ear.

What is sound? | Physics - House of Sound

In their House of Sound, Fran Scott and Greg Foot investigate how sound is made and how we hear it.

How do woodwind instruments make a sound

How do string instruments make a sound

How do brass instruments make a sound

"Pitch" Episode #6 Preview - Quaver's Marvelous World of Music

Quaver explores the highs and lows of pitch with the help of a soprano and bass, and a giant piano in this episode from the Music Theory Unit of Quaver's Mar...

Great Web Links to Science

Science Vocabulary

Examples and Definitions of Science Enquiry Types